Industrial Floor Coatings In Denver

Commercial & Industrial Flooring

Global Concrete Coatings has years of experience in providing coating solutions for many varied commercial and industrial installations.

  • Warehouses

  • Aircraft Hangars

  • Retail Showrooms

  • Restaurants

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Auto and Machine Shops

We will work with you to evaluate your needs and discuss the many systems we have available. We understand that a small difference in the per square foot cost between a typical epoxy floor and a modern polyurea system can become a large factor when considering the refinishing of tens of thousands of square feet, and that is why we offer multiple systems.

  • Epoxy floor coatings

  • Polyaspartic polyurea systems

  • Slip resistant coatings

  • Solid colors

  • Stained concrete

  • Simulated granite finishes

Incredible durability meets next day return service.

An important consideration in coating a commercial or industrial space is the downtime associated with the coating application, and subsequent wait to return to service.

Our G2 Polymers™ Polyaspartic coating technology allows for return to service capabilities of just 1 day, saving a tremendous amount of money and time. With abrasion and chemical resistance qualities several times that of epoxy coatings, our patented technology is certain to meet the rigorous needs of any industrial floor. The unique ability of our products to “wet” or penetrate the concrete establishes a level of adhesion that far surpasses other floor coating systems. In addition, these floors are resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals, including but not limited to oil, gasoline, brake fluid, skydrol, and an assortment of other chemicals.

This material can be applied at nearly any temperature, bonds easily to nearly any concrete surface, cures to full strength quickly, is flexible enough to bridge small cracks, can withstand high temperatures when cured, and has superior stain and UV resistance.” (From

At Global Concrete, we use only the very best polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea (polyaspartic) materials for our coating systems. The polyaspartics we use have been specifically formulated for coating concrete, and have proven themselves superior to epoxy and urethane systems.

  • Better absorption into concrete

  • Cures quickly to allow multiple coats within the same day

  • Less odor

  • Return to service in hours, not days

  • Can be applied at surface temperatures from -30F to 140F

  • UV stable so it will never yellow and provides UV protection

  • Handles temperatures to 350F

  • Crystal clear and does not blush white from moisture in concrete

  • Able to resist staining

  • High abrasion resistance

A complete table of test results may be found here: Test Results

Color Options

Many colors (almost unlimited) are available, from solid colors, to simulated granite fleck, as well as stain designs. See all options here.

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