Garage Flooring Questions

Why should I use Global Garage to install my concrete coatings?

  • Because we offer several styles of concrete coatings (epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic), we can provide you with the system that best meets your particular needs.

How much do concrete coatings cost?

  • Costs vary with the size and condition of the installation, as well as the type of system installed. A polyaspartic flooring system installed in a standard 2 car garage typically costs about $2000.

Which type of floor coating should I install?

  • There is no easy answer to this as it depends on your particular application and requirements. Give us a call or email and we would be glad to discuss the pros and cons of various systems with you.

How long will my new floor last?

  • In a residential installation, we usually provide a lifetime guarantee covering the adhesion of the coating to your concrete.

When can I use my floor again?

  • This depends on the style of system installed. Epoxy and polyurethane floors generally require a few days to cure before use, but our┬ámost popular polyaspartic system can usually be used the next day.

Can you coat concrete in cold weather?

  • Yes! Our polyaspartic system can be applied at temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero!

Why don’t I just use a do it yourself kit?

  • DIY kits don’t look as good, they don’t last as long, they take many days to apply, and many more days to cure. While seemingly less expensive initially, we re-do dozens of floors every year that were done with DIY kits that have failed.

Cabinet and Storage Questions

Which should I use Global Garage to install my cabinets?

  • We feel that our cabinets are better constructed, and look nicer than that of our competition, while still being priced competitively.

How big are the cabinets?

  • Our cabinets are custom built, and can be any height and depth you like. The standard height of our most popular wood cabinetry is the largest among our competition – 8′ tall and 24″ deep.

How much do garage cabinets cost?

  • This varies widely with the quantity of cabinets installed, the complexity of the design, and the style of system. Typical garage storage solutions, however, generally cost about $200 per lineal foot.

How long do I have to wait to get my new cabinets?

  • Design and construction of the cabinets usually takes about 2 weeks, and the installation is generally completed in one day.

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