Enriching the Main Entry of Your Home

We help hundreds of homeowners each year improve the appearance, function and cleanliness of their garage, sidewalks and patios.

The garage, especially, is evolving from a once dusty and neglected space into an exciting focal point of the home. No longer simply just a place to park your car, the garage provides a unique opportunity for homeowners to add tremendous value to their home, while dramatically enhancing the comfort and convenience of everyday life.

Rethink. Reinvent. Redefine Garage Flooring.

Whether you are interested in a simple solid color epoxy floor, a mottled stain finish, or our most popular simulated granite fleck style installed with pure polyaspartic material, we have a system sure to meet with your approval.

Home of the One Day Floor!

Our most popular coating for garage floors is our simulated granite fleck polyaspartic polyurea system. With a patented 1 day installation, foot traffic can occur within hours, and the garage can normally be returned to service the following day.

This system exhibits the following benefits over typical epoxy coatings;

  • Better absorption into concrete

  • Cures quickly to allow multiple coats within the same day

  • Return to service in hours, not days

  • Can be applied at nearly any temperature

  • UV stable so it will never yellow and provides UV protection

  • Much better stain and abrasion resistance¬†

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Color Choices

Although literally unlimited colors can be created, and we do quite often create custom blends, the following colors demonstrate the standard options we have available.

5 colors copy

A more complete photo gallery with larger pictures as well as our Solid colors, Granite styles and Stain options is available here;

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